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Registered name: EUROSOLAR – Europäische Vereinigung für Erneuerbare Energien e.V.

EUROSOLAR advocates the goal of replacing non-renewable resources quickly and completely with renewable energy and sees a renewable energy supply as the decisive prerequisite for the preservation of the natural basis of life and for a sustainable economy. Only a decentralized energy supply with 100% renewable energy from wind, sun, water, biomass and geothermal energy can create the basis for other measures, achieve climate stability, and end dependence on fossil and nuclear raw materials and economic cycles. Through the decentralized use of natural potentials and in interaction with storage and other technologies, renewables in the areas of electricity, heat and transport create the basis for a world in which conflicts and wars can be replaced by cooperation and mutual aid.
















EUROSOLAR Association for Renewable Energy and EUROSOLAR Catalonia and Spain

Issue the Joint Girona Regenerative Earth Declaration of Renewable Energy and Sovereignty.

On occasion of the successful two-day International Conference on Renewable Energy and Sovereignty held in Girona on 21st and 22nd November at the Josep Irla Auditorium, with the participation of over 40 international and national experts to urge the importance to act in the rapid implementation of a distributed 100% renewable energy system – while simultaneously strengthening regenerative agriculture and the enhancement of natural ecologies.

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COP27 Aftermath

from Claus P. Baumeister 23.11.2022, Many are trying to artificially gloss over the questionable outcome of COP27 –…

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for more than 30 years, EUROSOLAR has been paving the way to the solar age and sees itself as an independent voice to ensure that the transition to renewable energies succeeds in a citizen-oriented and decentralized manner. We have always acted independently of parties, companies and institutions. As a non-profit association, we live from donations and memberships. Only in this way can we continue to provide important impulses and maintain our events such as the European Solar Prize and our conferences. A membership is already possible from 65€ per year (and only 25€ for persons up to 27 years). Especially today, the voice of EUROSOLAR is more important than ever. We are grateful for your support!

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Regenerative Earth Decade: 100% Renewables are only the beginning

EUROSOLAR has set up a 10-point plan on how the Renewable Decade with 100% renewable energies can succeed. In this plan, EUROSOLAR calls for a tightening of the European Green Deal, climate neutrality towards 100% renewables, carbon sequestration agriculture, afforestation with drought-resistant forests and the rededication of the European circular economy directives to economy-wide carbon sequestration regulations. The goal must be a climate-positive, emissions-negative Europe by 2030.

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