As a brand new publication, the EUROSOLAR TIMES will bring together content from different areas of our work, provide a platform for EUROSOLAR thinkers and members.

The goal of EUROSOLAR remains one thing: the rapid transition to 100% renewable energy. In order to do justice to our common aim and to EUROSOLAR’s diversity, something new is now beginning.

Let’s bring it on together!

The current issue:

The new issue of EUROSOLAR Times is finally here and has a lot of different topics included.

In this issue, we report on the worldwide Solar Decathlon competition held in Wuppertal in 2022.
We also discuss the expansion of renewable energies in Africa in an interview.
There is an article on the emergence and relevance of IRENA.
Furthermore, there is news from the sections as well as upcoming events and activities.

Selected articles

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