As a brand new publication, the EUROSOLAR TIMES will bring together content from different areas of our work, provide a platform for EUROSOLAR thinkers and members.

The goal of EUROSOLAR remains one thing: the rapid transition to 100% renewable energy. In order to do justice to our common aim and to EUROSOLAR’s diversity, something new is now beginning.

Let’s bring it on together!

The current issue:
EUROSOLAR Times Spring 2022

The new issue of EUROSOLAR Times is finally here and has a lot of different topics included.

In this issue of EUROSOLAR Times, we would like to cherish people and projects that show how the energy transition can be done. The European Solar Prize 2021/22 was presented in December 2021 to ten awardees that are outstanding examples and inspire the rest of the world.

Furthermore, we are taking a look at current energy and climate policies and their challenges in European countries like the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. What happened internationally in the past 20 years and which role the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE) played, is explained by Angelina Galiteva in an interview. Further topics are the ever-disappointing results of the UN climate conferences (COP) and how renewable energies can contribute to the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Selected articles

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