“The words of Germany and the EU at COP28 must be followed by action”

EUROSOLAR e.V. calls for accelerated expansion of renewable energies

The President of EUROSOLAR, Stephan Grüger, comments on the resolution of the “COP28” climate conference:

“The final document confirms the nonsensical nature of such conferences. People are now celebrating the fact that it was possible to reach an agreement on the “abandonment” of fossil fuels. A “move away”, sometime and somehow. But not a concrete exit. The whole thing is reminiscent of Mephistotle in Goethe’s FAUST: “Where words are lacking, a word comes at the right time.

The founder of EUROSOLAR and winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize, Dr Hermann Scheer, spoke of “negotiate globally, postpone nationally” in connection with the climate conferences. But this cannot be allowed to continue. Germany and the EU campaigned for ambitious targets at COP28. That was good and right. Now, however, words must be followed by deeds. The expansion of renewable energies (solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower, biowaste) in Germany and the EU must be massively accelerated. The EU must not wait for the states, which are being put on the brakes by the fossil fuel lobby. The EU must capitalise on the fact that it represents one of the world’s most potent and interesting markets.”