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City of Kaposvár

The City of Kaposvár receives the European Solar Prize 2017 in the category ‘Towns, municipalities, council district, public utilities’. Kaposvár has been selected by the judges for the ‘Outstanding commitment to become the first Hungarian city with a 100% renewable energy supply’. EUROSOLAR Hungary has inspired the municipality and supports it to reach the goal.

The city of Kaposvár is located in the south-west of Hungary and has a population of 65,000. In 2014 the Kaposvár Smart City 2050 program was developed with the main focus on solar energy and energy efficiency. The ambitious target, which is manifested in various fields of urban development and urban policy, is to create an energy supply based on 100% renewable energy.

To achieve this goal, the Kaposvár model is characterized by a complexity of using all possible locally available renewable energy resources: PV plants have been installed on 19 public buildings with a total capacity of 900 KW, reducing 2000 tons of CO2 per year. All local busses have been replaced by CNG powered ones. The basis of their fuel is produced by the local sugar factory, which produces biogas since 2012. The biogas is also used to heat the public swimming pool and spa.

New fully electric buses and 170 electric bicycles will be integrated to the local transport system by the end of this year. Local citizens have been involved in the processes, underlining the sociocultural dimension of a successful energy transition. And even more activities in the fields of renewables and energy efficiency have been taken.

The installation of solar power plants in areas surrounding the city and a biomass heating plant as well as the development of a Smart Grid System are additionally planned for the future. With its wide ranging strategy, the city of Kaposvár takes responsibility and moves forward with courage and conviction. It is a pioneer and role model for a renewable and sustainable development in Hungary.