Well-deserved retirement after decades in the office of EUROSOLAR e.V.

Annette Gehrs has worked in the Bonn office of EUROSOLAR e.V. for over two decades. Now she is going into well-deserved retirement. On her last day at work, the President of the European Association for Renewable Energy – EUROSOLAR e.V., Stephan Grüger, travelled to Bonn and thanked Annette Gehrs personally and on behalf of the association’s board for her work at EUROSOLAR with a large bouquet of flowers. “Annette Gehrs was hired by our founding and honorary president Hermann Scheer and she has contributed a great deal to the success of EUROSOLAR with her always conscientious and accurate work over decades,” said Grüger. Here too, the EUROSOLAR President continued, Hermann Scheer and the then EUROSOLAR Managing Director Irm Scheer-Pontenagel obviously had a good instinct. “We wish Annette Gehrs health, happiness and a long life so that she can enjoy her retirement for a long time to come,” Grüger said to the new pensioner.