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If we are not to fail in the protection of all living beings for whom we bear responsibility, and if we are not to fail in ensuring the survival of our own species, unprecedented, rapid and until now unimagined efforts are needed – these amount to a rapid mobilization against the existential threat of fossil climate destablization, our common enemy.
EUROSOLAR’s Call for the Renewable Earth Decade

EUROSOLAR advocates the goal of replacing non-renewable resources quickly and completely with renewable energy and sees a renewable energy supply as the decisive prerequisite for the preservation of the natural basis of life and for a sustainable economy. Only a decentralized energy supply with 100% renewable energy from wind, sun, water, biomass and geothermal energy can create the basis for other measures, achieve climate stability, and end dependence on fossil and nuclear raw materials and economic cycles.

EUROSOLAR is an independent organization and is financed by membership fees and donations. Your donation helps us to

  • shape the public discourse, give impulses for the decentralized energy transition and critically accompany political decisions
  • to follow current research and politics and to prepare them in the magazines SOLARZEITALTER and EUROSOLAR Times
  • to organize conferences, symposia and solar awards and to network committed people.

Your donation to EUROSOLAR is an important contribution to the decentralized energy transition and the fight against the climate crisis. Thank you very much!

European Solar Prize

How can I support EUROSOLAR e.V.?

With an active membership you support us in the long term. As a member, you will receive four issues of the member magazine Solarzeitalter by mail. In addition, you will benefit from discounted prices at our paid events. A membership at EUROSOLAR costs regularly 65€ per year.

With a one-time donation you support the activities of EUROSOLAR e.V. and help us to further develop ideas, to work out concepts and to set new impulses. One-time donations can support existing projects (e.g. solar prizes) or enable new projects.

How can I donate?

Donations can be transferred to the following account:
EUROSOLAR e.V., Sparda-Bank West e.G.
IBAN: DE98 3706 0590 0000 404250; BIC GENODED1SPK
Intended purpose: Donation for EUROSOLAR e.V.

Furthermore, donations can also be transferred via PayPal. Please use the e-mail address for this purpose.

We will gladly provide you with a tax-deductible donation receipt upon request and for your donation. Contact us via

How can I actively participate in the work of EUROSOLAR e.V.?

You want to actively participate in the work of EUROSOLAR and initiate and realize new projects with a donation? Write us an e-mail ( and share your vision with us.