Carol Olson and Vincent Dekker

Postal and visiting address:

Graveurstraat 57, 1825 EH Alkmaar

Founding Members

Vincent Dekker (Secretary), Journalist

Bas Eickhout, Politician

Brendan de Graaf, Entrepreneur

Frank Lenzmann, dr., (Chairman, until June 25th 2021), Researcher

Carol Olson, dr., (Treasurer), Researcher

Mieke Oostra, dr., Researcher

Ellen van Oost, prof. dr., Researcher

Arno Smets, prof. dr., Researcher

Dutch Climate Agreement

The Dutch Government is committed to the Paris Climate Agreement which is implemented in the Netherlands on the basis of the Dutch Climate Agreement (signed in 2019). The goal is a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 49% until 2030 and by 95% until 2050 with the year 1990 as a reference point. In order to achieve this goal, renewable energy targets are also part of the agreement as shown in the table below. These targets mean that the share of RE electricity and RE final energy needs to be almost tripled until 2030 compared to the status in 2020.

Status 2020Target 2030
RE electricity26%70%
RE final energy11%27%