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European Solar Prize 2023

Detailed information on the award ceremony will follow shortly. Each year EUROSOLAR awards the most innovative renewable energy projects of Europe-wide and even global importance. “The European Solar Prize celebrates living, resilience and prosperity building models in the peaceful international cooperation to defeat humankind’s greatest threat: fossil climate chaos. It is therefore also the flagship program in EUROSOLAR’s Regenerative Earth Decade initiative.” declares Professor Peter Droege, President of EUROSOLAR and Chairman of the Jury. Renewable Energy Diversity In order to celebrate the diversity of successful renewable energy applications, EUROSOLAR awards the ESP in ten categories from municipalities to One-World-Cooperation, mobility…

Fondation Braillard: Transition Workshop – Theory Masterclass

The Theory Masterclass comprises 80 hours of courses and seminars delivered by renowned experts in a variety of fields: climate change, biodiversity, resources, energy, water management, food systems, psychology, sociology, economics, demographics, architecture, urbanism, regional planning, landscape, etc. The courses offer a concise introduction to the challenges, the latest theoretical advances and the most recent data on the transition through four themes: The Transition Workshop™ aims to create a sense of community. Therefore, all courses and seminars are organized to be delivered on-site (in Geneva) or online, with the physical presence of all participants strongly recommended. The participation and successful…

13th International 100% Renewable Energy Conference (IRENEC 2023)

Tasks and Responsibilities of Individuals, Decision Makers, Universities, Cooperatives and Municipalities for Community Power Based Transition to Global 100% Renewable Energy More Information Transition of communities, islands, countries and regions to 100% Renewable Energy (RE) can be realized only by the local, national and regional governments which are on the solution side. The green solution in the energy field is the achievement of 100% renewable energy target by the integration of the energy end-use efficiency, smart grids and storage of the renewable energy using the best available technologies Energy-Economy-Ecology decision making models and Internalization of Externalities are required to plan…

21st World Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition “Symphony of the Renewables”

More information soon on: The World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) is pleased to announce the 21st World Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition (WWEC2023), taking place on 16-18 May 2023 in Hobart, the Capital of Tasmania (Australia). The main theme of WWEC2023 is “Symphony of the Renewables” referring to the manifold synergies of a combination of wind power and other renewable energies, such as hydro, solar, geothermal, ocean, bioenergy and storage technologies such as hydrogen – ultimately for a 100% renewable energy supply. WWEC2023 takes place at a time when governments around the world have become more aware than ever…

International Renewable Energy Storage and Systems Conference (IRES 2023)

Energy storage systems are the key to the successful energy transition to full renewable energy supply and are more relevant today than ever before. They address numerous challenges of the energy transition at once:  stabilise the electricity grids, support the shutdown of power plants, make regionally generated electricity available locally and compensate for fluctuations in renewable energy generation. View full event description