IRES Program

20 – 22 September 2022
Messe Düsseldorf and hybrid

Tuesday, 20.09.2022 IRES 22 – Heart of the Energy Transition Opening Day
09:30-11:00 Arrivals, registration and orientation

Prof. Peter Droege, EUROSOLAR; Dr. Dolf Gielen, IRENA; Dr. Harry Lehmann, P2X Lab, Dr. Peter Schossig, IRES Scientific Committee;

11:30 – 12:30 Keynotes

Dr. Dolf Gielen, Director IRENA Technology Centre, Bonn:
Critical Materials for Energy Transition and Storage

Dr. Harry Lehmann,
Director P2X Lab Lausitz: Rescue the Anthropocene
12:30-13:00 Opening decarbXpo and EUROSOLAR IRES: Decarbonized Industries: Energy Storage – Heart of the Energy Transition

Wolfram Diener, President & CEO Messe Düsseldorf GmbH; Prof. Peter Droege, President European Association for Renewable Energies (EUROSOLAR)

Michael Theben,
Head of Department VII Climate Protection
Ministry of Science, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

Peter Müller-Baum
, Managing Director VDMA Power-to-X for Applications
13:00 Lunch
  IRES FORUM: public window on the IRES Conference 2022
14:00 Central Role of Energy Storage for the Zero Carbon, Renewable Economy: Global Perspective

Prof. Ross Garnaut, Australian National University and University of Melbourne,
Founder ZEN Energy
Superpower Transformations

Raymond Decorvet, MAN Energy Solutions Switzerland

Pierre Garcia
, Solar Facilities for the European Research Area (SFERA III)
Towards a fair evaluation of Thermal Energy Storage prototypes
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Energy Storage for Decarbonised Industries – Key to the 100% Renewable Energy Transition – Euopean Perspective

Prof. Isabel Kuperjans, FH Aachen – University of Applied Sciences
Jan Figgener, Technical University Aachen
Demand for energy storage with increasing shares of renewable energies
– Current markets and technologies and upcoming challenges

Discussion: Raymond Decorvet, MAN-ES;
Dr. Pierre Garcia, SFERA III; Dr. Peter Schossig, Fraunhofer ISE
Dr. Andreas Hauer, Board Bavarian Center of Applied energy research
17:00 Video Message:
Dr. Patrik Graichen
State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action
  World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE)
Summary: Policy and Action frameworks as outcomes of the IRES Conference 2022
Wednesday, 21.09.2022 Storage – Heart of the Energy Transition
09:00-10:30 A1 Energy Systems Analysis
Room 812 (Hall 8b – first floor)
B1 Battery
Room 801 (Hall 8b – ground floor)
C1 Thermal Sensible
Room 814 (Hall 8b – first floor)
Analysis Of Operating And Positioning Strategies Of Home and Community Storage Systems In Low Voltage Grids In A Sector-Coupled And Renewable Energy System

Tabea Katerbau, Ricardo Reibsch, Julia Kowal
Contribution of electrochemical storage systems to achieving climate neutrality by 2050

Bernhard Riegel
Influence Of Heat And Mass Transfer On The Performance Of Large Scale Thermal Energy Storage Systems

Alice Tosatto, Fabian Ochs, Abdulrahman Dahash, Christoph Muser, Felix Kutscha-Lissberg, Peter Kremnitzer
Simulation Based Techno-Economic Evaluation of Self-Sufficient Microgrid Systems with Renewable Energy and Power-to-X

Zhenan Zhang, Alexander Buttler, Pawel Wienclaw, Claus-Oliver Schmalzing, Jona Siebert, Andreas Flohr
”Water-In-Polyelectrolyte Salt” For Scalable High Power Sustainable Organic Batteries

Divyaratan Kumar, Ziyauddin Khan, Ujwala Ail, Jaywant Phopase, Jakob Nilsson, Olle Inganäs, Magnus Berggren, Viktor Gueskin, Xavier Crispin
Novel Modeling Toolkit for Optimized Design and Integration of Large-Scale Underground Hot-Water Thermal Energy Storages in Future Local and District Energy Systems

Michael Reisenbichler, Keith O’Donovan, Wim Van Helden, Franz Wotawa
Comparison of Renewable Large-Scale Energy Storage Power Plants based on Technical and Economic Parameters

Ann-Kathrin Klaas, Hans-Peter Beck
A Holistic Life-Cycle Assessment Approach To Most Common Stationary Battery System Services

Luka Smajila, Rafael Guedez, Ketan Vaidya
Thermal Energy Storage with Polymer Composites: Tailoring the Surface Properties of Phase Change Microcapsules with Polydopamine
Giulia Fredi, Christina Scheffler, Alessandro Pegoretti, Cordelia Zimmerer
Development of Hierarchical Predictive Control Strategies for Domestic Multi-vector Energy Storage Systems

Robert James Barthorpe, Edward O’Dwyer
Analysis of the Remaining Useful Life of Electric Vehicle Batteries and Development of Second-Life Solutions

Aghatta Moreira, Vitor Arioli, Maria de Fatima Rosolem, Raul Beck, Camila Omae, Hongwu Ding, Thiago Nascimento, Fernando Padela, Gustavo Contin, Marcelo Camboim, Jonathan Moura, Thomas Nunes
Structural Challenges And Innovative Concepts For Large-scale Underground Thermal Energy Storage

Thomas Riegler, Samuel Knabl, Wim van Helden, Michael Reisenbichler
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
11:30-13:30 E1 RenPower2X
Room 812
B2 Battery
Room 801
D1 Thermal PCM/TCM
Room 814
Integration of Power-to-Methane into Glass Melting Processes

Sebastian Gärtner, Matthias Gaderer, Michael Sterner
Hierarchical Energy Management of Hybrid Battery Storage Systems for Capacity Firming and Spot Market Trading Considering Degradation Costs

Margrit Wicke, Thilo Bocklisch
Development of a Mechanical Fluidized Bed Reactor for CaO/Ca(OH)2 Based Thermochemical Heat Storage

Viktor Kühl, Marc Linder, Matthias Schmidt
The Role of Power-to-X in a Sustainable Energy System Based 100% on Renewables

Harry Lehmann, Anita Demuth, Sebastian Voswinckel
Molten Salt Electrolyte in Na-ZnCl2 Solid-Electrolyte Battery for Electricity Storage

Sumit Kumar, Wenjin Ding*, Alexander Bonk, Meike V. F. Heinz, Norbert Weber, Thomas Bauer
PCM-Screening: Validation and Screening of Multicomponent Salt Systems

Amedeo Morsa, Philipp Keuter, Bruno Reis, Moritz to Baben, Klaus Hack, Michael Müller, Dmitry Sergeev
Environmental Impacts of Using Green Hydrogen for Defossilizing Industrial Specialty Glass Production

Christina Wulf, Petra Zapp
Golden Era for Batteries, Finally? A Review of Business Models

Petr Svoboda, Peter Edel
Preparation and Characterisation of a Calcium Chloride Hexahydrate Phase Change Material Slurry as Secondary Refrigerant for Indoor Air Conditioning

Wenye Lin, Stefan Geschwander
Numerical Model for Technical Viability of Underground Hydrogen Storage in Cased Boreholes

Antoine Bachand, Jasmin Raymond, Bernard Doyon, Robert Schulz
Simulative Investigation of Measures to Prevent Thermal Runaway Propagation in Li-Ion-Battery Modules

Sebastian Gamisch, Fubing Li
Testing Of An Industrial PCM Heat Storage Using Adipic Acid-Graphite

Herbert Zondag, Michel Van der Pal, Simon Smeding, Robert De Boer
    Phasing out Fossil Gas Steam Generators: Demand-based Generation of Process Steam from Thermally Stored Renewable Energy with the Rotating Drum Heat Exchanger

Jonas Tombrink, Dan Bauer
14:00-15:45 IRES Poster Session #1
The poster exhibition features grand ideas, research proposals and case studies. During the session the whole conference focus is laid on the posters and the authors are there to present their findings and answer your questions.
15:30-16:00 (Room 801) Keynote: Arina Anisie, IRENA Innovation and Technology Centre (30 Minutes)
Keynote on Batteries in Mobility: Vehicle to Grid and other systems
16:00-18:00 EU Project SFERA III
Room 812
A2 Energy Systems Analysis
Room 801
D2 Thermal PCM/TCM
Room 814
Towards a fair evaluation of Thermal Energy Storage prototypes – Guidelines for CSP applications

Pierre Garcia, Raffaele Liberatore, Walter Gaggioli, Julius Weiss, Thomas Fluri, Ilker Tari, Tiago Ribeiro Eusébio, Diogo Canavarro, Pedro Azevedo, Marios Georgiou, Esther Rojas
Energy Performance Study of Hot and Cold Thermal Batteries with Onsite Photovoltaics and Heat Pumps in Residential Buildings

Gary Rosengarten, Ahmad Mojiri, Gary Rosengarten
Utilization Of A Latent Heat Storage For Waste Heat Recovery From An Aluminum Die Casting Plant And The Supply Of Preheating And Heat Treatment Furnaces With Stored Heat

Philipp Moser, Christoph Zauner, Bernd Windholz, Michael Lauermann
EU Project SFERA III Introduction:
“why do research and industry need KPI definitions and test procedures?”

Pedro Azevedo
New Metrics For Circular Techno-economic Analysis Of Energy Storage

Felipe Gallardo, Rafael Guedez, Andrew Martin, Justin NW Chiu
Potential of Recycled Metallic Phase Change Materials for High Temperature Thermal Storage Applications

Carolina Villada Vargas, Nuria Navarrete Argilés, Anthony Joseph Rawson, Florian Kargl
EU Project SFERA III Workshop:
Case studies on sensible heat storage

Julius Weiss
Power to Industrial Heat: Techno-Economic System Opportunities Driven by EU Electricity Market

Silvia Trevisan, Rafael Guedez
PV Efficiency Improvement Using Phase Change Materials: A Numerical and Experimental Investigation

Shivangi Sharma, Yulong Ding, Abdal Ahmad (online presentation)
EU Project SFERA III Workshop:
Case studies on latent heat storage

Pierre Garcia
The Potential of Hydrogen-based Storage Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa

Michele Velenderic, Sebastian Schneider, Frederic Adjei, Semih Severengiz
Compatibility Investigation of Housing Materials for High Temperature Metallic Phase Change Material Storage

Nuria Navarrete, Carolina Villada, Anthony Joseph Rawson, Veronika Stahl, Werner Kraft, Florian Kargl
EU Project SFERA III Workshop:
Case studies on thermal losses calculations

Raffaele Liberatore
Techno-Economic Analysis And Simulation Of A Flat Plate Solar Collector Combined With A Thermal Storage Tank Under Different Climatic Conditions

Elisangela Jesus D’Oliveira, Sol Carolina Costa Pereira, Ulugbek Azimov
Thursday, 22.09.2022 Storage – Heart of the Energy Transition
09:00-10:30 B3 Battery
Room 812
F1 Case Studies
Room 801
E1 Thermal Systems
Room 814
Processing Of CNT/Inorganic Hybrid Electrodes Via Rapid Joule Heating

Shegufta T. Upama, Anastasiia Mikhalchan, Luis Arévalo, Cristina Madrona, Afshin Pendashteh, Juan J. Vilatela, Micah J. Green
Impact of Model and Forecast Uncertainties on the Performance of the Model Predictive Control of a PV-Battery-Heat Pump-Heat Storage System

Ronny Gelleschus, Thilo Bocklisch
Carbon Free Process Heat By Waste Heat Supplied Heat Pump Integrated With Electric Heated Storage

Lutz Meyer, Christopher Oehlmann, Katharina Jansen
Theoretical and Experimental Modelling of the Terminal Behaviour, the Losses and the Self-Discharge for a Vanadium Redox Flow Battery System

Richard Beyer, Thilo Bocklisch
The Smart Combination of a Novel Micro CHP, PVs and Various Energy Storage Possibilities to provide the Household Energy needs all year round

Joseph Cilia, Andrea Brincat, Carmel Ellul, Neville Azzopardi, Matthew Schembri, Redeemer Axisa
I-TESS Project: Scalable Thermochemical Energy Storage; Development of a Novel Pilot Plant.

Matthias Schmidt, Aldo Cosquillo, Sandra Afflerbach, Marc Linder, Wolfgang Krumm
Life Cycle Assessment of Sodium-Nickel-Chloride Batteries

Malina Nikolic, Nora Schelte, Michele Velenderic, Fred Adjei, Semih Severengiz
Towards Integration of Energy Storage Systems for Carbon Neutral Buildings: A Review of Multi-Criteria Decision Making Approaches

Xiaoshu Lü, Tao Lu, Pekka Tervola
Is Thermal Energy Storage a Techno-Economically Feasible Alternative to Replace Coal-Fired Boilers in Power Plants?

Vartan Jakob Ahrens Kayayan, Silvia Trevisan
Hybrid Lithium-ion Battery Storage Solution with Optimizing Energy Management and Online Condition Monitoring for Multi-Use Applications

Michael Böttiger, Ronny Gelleschus, Margrit Wicke, Sebastian Sacht, Florus Härtel, Konrad Warner, Thilo Bocklisch
  Thermal Storage and Industrial Heat

Magnus Mörtberg, Mareike Schumm, Christopher Greiner
11:00-12:00 IRES Poster Session #2
The poster exhibition features grand ideas, research proposals and case studies. During the session the whole conference focus is laid on the posters and the authors are there to present their findings and answer your questions.
12:00-13:30 B4 Battery / Power2Heat2Power
Room 812
F2 Case Studies
Room 801
E2 Thermal Systems
Room 814
Techno-Economic Analysis of a Decarbonised Integrated Power Plant Fired by Syngas from Municipal Solid Wastes and Natural Gas

Ogheneruona Endurance Diemuodeke, Kesiena Owebor (online presentation)
Optimized Energy Management of a Solar and Wind Equipped Student Residence with an Innovative Hybrid Energy Storage System and Power-to-Heat Solutions

Lakshimi Narayanan Palaniswamy, Nina Munzke, Christian Kupper, Marc Hiller
The Potential Of Thermal Energy Storage For Sustainable Electricity And Heat Supply At Chemical Sites

Marco Prenzel, Freerk Klasing, Rüdiger Franck, Julian Lützow, Karen Perrey, Rainer Faatz, Juliane Trautmann, Andreas Reimer, Stefan Kirschbaum, Thomas Bauer
Automating Storage Arbitrage In German Electricity Market

Anton Motornenko, Mariia Bilousova, Fabian Hofmann
Shape Optimization of a Rotor for Flywheel Energy Storage System

Kainat Riaz, Syeda Fatima Imam, Nida Ilyas, Zia ul Rehman Tahir, Muhammad Taimoor Adil, Sajeer Ahmad, Muhammad Abdullah (online presentation)
Whitepaper: The Transition to a Sustainable CO2 Free Industry Through Thermal Energy Storage

Zhiwei Ma, Rachel Simpson, Huashan Bao, Tony Roskilly, Hanne Kauko, Alexis Sevault, Salvatore Vasta, Herbert Zondag, Anton Beck, Gerwin Drexler-Schmid, Nelson Rene Garcia Polanco
Status And Perspectives of Current Flow Battery Technologies

Jens Noack, Nataliya Roznyatovskaya, Chris Menictas, Maria Skyllas-Kazacos
Air-source Heat Pump with Integrated Latent Heat Storage for Residential Buildings: Concept Development and Design Evaluation

Arash Bastani, Justin Tamasauskas
Modeling and Simulation of a Façade-integrated Adsorption System for Solar Cooling of Lightweight Buildings

Olaf Böckmann, Micha Schäfer
The Future of Energy Storage – Malta Pumped Heat Electricity Storage Overview

Finn Runkel, Michael Geyer (tba)
A Multi-Objective Design Optimization Approach to PV and Battery Storage for Sector-Integrated Energy Systems at Logistics Facilities – Under Consideration for the Integration of Temperature-Controlled Transport

Jan-Simon Telle, Sunke Schlüters, Thomas Poppinga, Benedikt Hanke, Karsten von Maydell, Carsten Agert
Numerical Study of The Influence of Fins’ Geometry on The Thermal Performances of a Vertical Shell and Tube Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage

Teddy Chedid, Erwin Franquet, Jérôme Pouvreau, Pierre Garcia, Jean-Pierre Bedecarrats
14:00 IRES Poster Award – EUROSOLAR-WCRE IRES 22 Closing Session

*The programme shown is only preliminary. The organiser reserves the right to make changes. Speakers are not guaranteed the time or date shown in the provisional programme.