IRES 2023 Poster Program

A Study on Prediction Model Based on Supervised Learning for the District Heat Water Supply Using Thermal Storage System
Ji, HyungYong; Jeong, Hyojae; Park, Dongho
KITECH, Korea, Republic of (South Korea)

A study on the Average Coefficient of Heat Transfer rate of Thermal Storage Systems using Longitudinal Fin Tube
Song, Jungho (1,2); Jeong, Hyo Jae (1); Chung, Dong-Yeol (1); Hwang, Jungho (2); Kang, Chaedong (3); Park, Dongho (1)
1: Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea, Republic of (South Korea);
2: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yensei University (South Korea);
3: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Jeonbuk National University (South Korea)

A Comparison Study of Different Latent Thermal Energy Storage Roles in Heating Systems with Heat Pump
Torbarina, Fran; Lenic, Kristian; Trp, Anica; Wolf, Igor
University of Rijeka, Faculty of Engineering, Croatia

Test Rig for the Investigation of Partial Load Operation Strategies for Steam Generation with Passive Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage
Dietz, Larissa; Bürger, Inga; Gutierrez, Andrea
German Aerospace Center, Germany

Modelling and Optimisation of Stratified Thermal Energy Storage in Mixed-Integer Linear Programming
Schilt, Ueli (1,2); Meyer, Manuel (1); Schneeberger, Sarah (1); Schuetz, Philipp (1)
1: Competence Centre for Thermal Energy Storage, School of Engineering and Architecture, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, Horw, Switzerland;
2: School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland

Performance improvement of low-temperature Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage (LHTES) Systems using superhydrophobic surfaces
Muhumuza, Ronald; Eames, Philip
Loughborough University, United Kingdom

Evaluation of Storage Management Systems in Complex District Heating Generation Parks.
Hurst, Georg
Universität Stuttgart, Germany

Novel Monolithic Shape-stabilized Phase Change Materials Based on Silica and Organic PCM for Hot Water Storage Applications
Marske, Felix (1); Matthes, Eric (1); Richter, Patrick (1); Hahn, Thomas (2)
1: Technical University of Berlin, Institute of Chemistry, Berlin, DE;
2: Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Institute of Technical Chemistry, Halle, DE

Experimental Characterisation of a Novel Phase Change Material Heat Storage Unit in Controlled Conditions
Wilson, James Sebastian; Barthorpe, Robert James
University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

Low Temperature Switchable Latent Heat Storage – Material development and storage concept
Walter, Moritz
Fraunhofer ICT, Germany

Web based sizing and evaluation of electrolysis projects – The Electrolysis Calculator
Brands, Marvin; Stenzel, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter; Dennewitz, Florian
Technische Hochschule Köln, Germany

Porous Carbon Template Decorated with MOF-Driven Bimetallic Phosphide: A Suitable Heterostructure for the Production of Uninterrupted Green Hydrogen via Renewable Energy Storage Device
Afshan, Mohd
Institute of Nano Science and Technology, Mohali, India

Quantification Of The Potential For The Use Of By-products From Electrolysis At The Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants In Germany and Results Of A Feasibility Study
Walther, Johanna; Gretzschel, Oliver; Müller, Linda; Steinmetz, Heidrun
RPTU, Germany

Optimizing E-Methanol Production: Effect Of Electricity Price And Renewable Energy Volatility On Optimum Dimensioning And Operation
Hyypiä, Jaakko; Inkeri, Eero; Karjunen, Hannu; Tynjälä, Tero
Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT

Optimising a Fully Renewable European Energy System Seizing the Flexibility of Gas and Heat Storage Technologies
Schmugge, Jens; Gardian, Hedda; Gils, Hans Christian
German Aerospace Center (DLR), Institute of Networked Energy Systems, Germany

Investigation of Multi‐use Applications of a PV Park with Hybridized Large‐scale Battery Storage and Power‐to‐gas Plant
Bocklisch, Thilo
Dresden University of Technology, Germany

Hierarchical Energy Management Concept for PV Hybrid Systems with Battery and Hydrogen Storage Path
Bocklisch, Thilo
Dresden University of Technology, Germany

Redox Mediated Nickel Hydroxide Cathodes for Alkaline Flow Batteries
Balz, Leonhard H; Fuchs, David; Mahlendorf, Falko; Hoster, Harry
Universität Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Real-time Simulation Of Photovoltaic Systems Connected And Disconnected From The Grid And Storage System
Mostafavi Shahab, Kasra
Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran

Dispatch Optimization of BESS Considering Degradation Effects and Capacity Inhomogeneities in SLB
Graner, Melina (1,2); Tanjavooru, Vivek Teja (2); Jossen, Andreas (1); Hesse, Holger (2)
1: Technical University of Munich, School of Engineering and Design, Department of Energy and Process Engineering, Chair for Electrical Energy Storage Technology;
2: Kempten University of Applied Sciences, Institute for Energy and Propulsion Technology (IEAT), Department of Mechanical Engineering

Optimal Power Split Control with Spatial Thermal Analysis of Battery Strings for Combined SOC and Temperature Balancing using Model Predictive Control
Tanjavooru, Vivek Teja (1); Graner, Melina (1); Pant, Prashant (2); Hesse, Holger (1)
1: Kempten University of Applied Sciences, Germany, Institute for Energy and Propulsion Technology (IEAT), Department of Mechanical Engineering;
2: Technical University of Munich, Germany, Center for Combined Smart Energy Systems (CoSES), Munich Institute of Integrated Materials, Energy and Process Engineering (MEP)

Experimental Test Rig of a Hybrid Lithium‐ion Battery Storage System with Integrated State of Charge, State of Health and Parameter Estimation
Bocklisch, Thilo
Dresden University of Technology, Germany

Structured Modeling of Large‐scale Battery Storage Plants – the BMSmart Project
Bocklisch, Thilo
Dresden University of Technology, Germany