Code RED for a stable climate

EUROSOLAR, the European Association for Renewable Energy, is inviting donations and membership enrolments for its campaign of the – and calls for Code RED.

Code RED 

The EUROSOLAR Regenerative Earth Decade calls for an immediate Global Climate Armistice to fight the catastrophic destabilization of the climate.

We call for immediate ceasefires and reconciliation – and a focus on regeneration.

The Global Climate Armistice, is the first step to a universal climate peace agreement – not as an end in itself but to tackle the urgent tasks of converting local and global economies into climate-positive, emission-negative processes.

As an organization dedicated to proactive and all encompassing sustainable and renewable energy, justice and peace EUROSOLAR is constitutionally committed to pursuing immediate ceasefires and peace, not only as ends in themselves but to achieve the ability to fight accelerating climate destablization.

A permanent Climate Peace Accord is essential to mustering all resources to counteracting climate heating through the move away from fossil and nuclear energy resources and infrastructures – and to attempting the restoration of natural biosphere capacities of excess atmospheric and oceanic carbon removal – to help cool the planet.

CODE RED is shorthand for EUROSOLAR’s call for a Regenerative Earth Decade (RED). It goes beyond Earth Day or Earth Hour to link the renewable energy revolution to other means of stabilizing the planetary climate as well as to mitigating the impacts of extreme climate events – this also includes the positive planning for inexorably rising migration streams in a growing regenerative economy and climate just society. 

RED suggests that military operations and war are not the answer to any global problems. Humankind has to unite in confronting its single Great Common Enemy and manifest existential threat: planetary climate destabilization and runaway global heating.

For this, the Regenerative Decade was adopted as initiative of the EUROSOLAR Board in January 2020. 

This 2023 issue lists the ten freshly framed requirements:

  • 1 CODE RED calls for specific and stable climate goals, not vague ‘net zero’ targets: 0 degrees temperature rise above preindustrial times, and 280 ppm CO2 concentrations
  • 2 CODE RED calls for an immediate end to the production of bio-toxic and forever chemicals, all micro-plastic sources and polluting runoff: to save the ocean’s biological capacity of managing excess carbon.
  • 3 CODE RED calls for national climate defence budgets: the central and abiding, war-like focus on taking all measures required to stabilize the climate – especially the ubiquitous implementation of REAL RENEWABLES *.
  • 4 CODE RED calls for climate peace diplomacy: the pursuit of cooperation in the planetary fight against climate destabilization. 
  • 5 CODE RED calls for fossil fuel source taxation – and eventual a ban of its production and distribution.
  • 6 CODE RED calls for the targeted transformation and phasing out of the fossil fuel industries.
  • 7 CODE RED calls for regenerative employment programs, to also accommodate rising waves of climate refugees.
  • 8 CODE RED calls for protecting the planet’s natural capacity for biological, natural CO2 removal and processing. 
  • 9 CODE RED calls for industrial sequestration processes as contribution to climate circularity: the conversion of material production for atmospheric carbon uptake. 
  • 10 CODE RED calls for regenerative financing mechanisms capable of rewarding long-term investment in climate stable practices.


In keeping with EUROSOLAR’s and the World Council for Renewable Energy’s fundamental positions:

A call for 100% Real Renewables 

At a time of runaway climate change endangering our forests and the planet’s very habitability, the realization is finally dawning on the world that continued fossil fuel use must be ended – and distributed, locally managed Real Renewables must replace the red herring carbon trade deals that substitute for actual action. 

Real Renewables are 

  1. replenished in the same time frame as their use; ie don’t rely on future or past actions
  2. are carbon free, ie without biomass burning or deforestation for biofuel production; and 
  3. are delivered sustainably, ie in keeping with the 17 SDGs.


Droege, P. Forthcoming. Climate Engineering by an Intact Biosphere. To be announced shortly.

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EUROSOLAR, the European Association for Renewable Energy, is inviting donations and membership enrolments for its campaign of the