EUROSOLAR’s Rome Declaration on the Regenerative Earth


EUROSOLAR’s Rome Declaration on the Regenerative Earth 

On occasion of the European Solar Prize in Rome 2023 


All towns, municipalities, council districts, public utilities
All architects and urban planners
All industries, commercial companies and farmers
All local or regional associations organizations
All owners and operators of energy facilities
All transport and mobility operators and manufacturers
All media and communication professionals and agencies
All education and vocational training providers
All people and institutions engaged in One World Cooperation
All individuals 

We declare

Earth is our home. It is on fire: this changes everything.  

Putting out the fire and stabilizing the climate is the supreme task of local, regional, national and international governmental bodies, and of industry – the economy and society as a whole 

The Solar Age and its Regenerative Era demands Peace – a new Climate Peace Diplomacy.  

Only peaceful cooperation allows humanity to stabilize the global climate. 

Life in harmony with nature requires a new compact that brings the need for a climate positive target aimed at 280 ppm atmospheric CO2 – the peak level of concentrations at which climate was safer – stable enough to sustain maximum habitability.
Climate neutrality is not enough – there has been no ‚carbon budget’ left since 1980. 

Making our societies, territories, cities and regions independent from fossil and nuclear energy, without the unsustainable use of biomass, or hydrogen as inefficient technofix Turn the entire planet into a refuge for undisturbed forests and other natural ecosystems, a home for regenerative agriculture and rich biodiversity .

100% regenerative economies based on sun, wind, water, storage and healed ecosystems are essential for stabilizing the climate, and restoring the balance of nature. 

Our cities and regions must become net sources of renewable energy and drinking water. 

Renewable City and Sponge City are our guiding principles. 

Local materials, and materials sustainably derived from atmospheric carbon shall be the elements of our habitat. 

The Climate Positive City and Region is our home. 

De-growth, slower lifestyles and self-sufficiency in industrialized cities and leaps to renewable technologies

and economic justice in both the Global South and North can build greater global responsibility in new, even global urban partnerships. 

Climate structural adjustment is essential across industries, economies and societies. 

Criminalize fossil energy prospecting, processing and use. 

Global climate migration will place great pressures on our social and economic fabric.  

Let’s make our cities and towns open and resilient to change. 


A regenerative financial system for the circular, renewable and waste-free economy will provide prosperity and sustenance for everyone,  

founded on new and financially based, long-term sustainability principles and mechanisms. 


Urgent RED Alert 2023

Climate Peace Call for Ukraine and other conflicts around the world

There is hope for peace in Europe, despite the continued escalation of the war that has been raging in the Ukraine for so long.

There are hope and need for peace, justice, equality and prosperity in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Palestine. There are hope and need for de-escalation in the South China Sea.

Let these not continue as massive world war threats and distraction from our major and all-consuming challenges: halting the climate cataclysm – and averting nuclear war.

Please join us in the campaign for an immediate Climate Peace Accord.


Klaus Fabry
Prof Nikos Fintikakis
Prof. Peter Droege 
Pere Viladomiu Guarro
Miquel Cabré Mallafré
Francesc Rosell Masjoan
Dr Carol Olson
Dr Josep Puig i Boix
Prof. Tanay Sidki Uyar 
Dr Panos Mantziaras