New Podcast Episode from Stefan Gsänger & Janine O´Keeffe (emPower4Climate): Civil disobedience as a form of climate protest – Why are climate activists around the world now going to prison?

During the COVID pandemic since 2020, governments all over the world followed the advice of the scientific experts and took rigorous measures in order to stop the spreading of the virus which still killed millions of human beings.

There is consensus amongst climate scientists that the current climate policies are totally insufficient and that the world is on its way towards an unprecedented climate disaster – in spite of the fact that it is very well known what needs to be done to stop climate change, after all stop burning oil, gas and coal.

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The disappointment by the climate movement about the inaction has been met by unprecedented fire storms, unprecedented floods, unprecedented droughts, unprecedented hunger stones, heat waves etc. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres stated very clearly: ‘Delay means Death!’, ‘We are on our way to Climate Hell with our foot on the gas pedal!’, and ‘Collective Action or Collective Suicide!’.

Before this background, civil disobedience has become an important tool of the climate movements to create more public awareness about the climate urgency. Our three guests, Violet Coco from Australia, Git Lundström from Sweden and Niko Froitzheim from Germany, have all blocked roads, two of them have already been sentenced to fines respectively to prison. We will discuss with them why they decided to risk serious personal consequences of their protest and what they believe needs to be done to stop climate change.