Fictitious but hopeful ‘future news’: 100% Renewable energy supply completion on land and sea shows Germany can move fast – Scholz

The speed with which Germany managed to build and link up its nation-wide thermal and electric energy system to completely replace all fossil and nuclear energy sources is the heart of a new, pacier German economy, Chancellor Olaf Scholz has said at the launch of Germany’s all-renewable freighter fleet.

The 90 kilotonne Enough Esperanza, a shipborne Renewable Energy Rapid Deployment System for solar aid in least developed countries hardest hit by climate destabilization, will in future be able to supply free distributed solar power systems for 500,000 poor households each year. Further floating renewable energy proliferation vessels will follow. The Enough Esperanza is today’s flagship of a renewable armada of global freighters showcasing solar fuelled, wind powered and all-eletrical vessels.

“Many said it would be impossible to get it built this year,” a yellow-jacketed Scholz said as he was buffeted by a stiff North Sea winter bluster. “When we work together we can do things at great speed: that’s Germany’s new tempo.”

This article is based on a report from Reuters on December 17, 2022: