Minister Habeck: Time for the highest regenerative emergency alert!

Yesterday (23.06.2022), Herr Robert Habeck, Vice Chancellor of Germany, and Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action declared a heightened gas alert for Germany. As understandable as the short-term tactic is in response to the ‘tight markets’, and as much as all responsible citizens are in full solidarity – its presentation comes across as short-sighted.

Not a word was said about the most important of all emergency plans, namely the one against the dramatic crash of climate stability – felt and experienced in Germany, Europe and worldwide. Whoever fights for peace, justice and regeneration for Ukraine, recognizes Germany’s energy security as a highest national good AND has the immediate, irreversible, existential threat to climate destabilization in mind, must demand the measures of a great and all-encompassing Regenerative Emergency – and work to implement them.

EUROSOLAR .V. has been championing the points of the Regenerative Earth Decade since 2020 at European and global levels. These are summarized here:

  • International climate peace diplomacy as a prerequisite for climate emergency protection.
  • National and European climate defense budgets and democratic emergency management
  • Definition of emission targets and pathways towards a climate-positive society and economy
  • Restructuring of all non-renewable energy industries with massive build-up of renewable capacity as safe infrastructure
  • Legally and fiscally supported rapid phase-out of fossil fuel extraction, trading and use for combustion
  • Reduction of the rising atmospheric carbon surplus through bio-sequestration and industrial sequestration in the renewable circular economy
  • Build the Regenerative Economy: through regenerative employment programs and proactive planning for massive migration flows  
  • Regenerative financial systems: build innovation and revolution in monetary instruments and incentives

From the Regenerative Climate Defense Budget to the targeted and broad ramp-up of essential climate peace diplomacy, the restructuring of the energy industry up to large-scale biogenic carbon extraction from the atmosphere to new financial instruments suitable to stabilize the world climate: support EUROSOLAR’s work – Europe-wide!