20th anniversary of Eurosolar Lëtzebuerg asbl

On the 22nd of April 2002, some pioneers in renewable energies started the project of Eurosolar Lëtzebuerg asbl, as a part of Eurosolar e.V. So it is its 20th anniversary.

Since more than 20 years, Eurosolar Lëtzebuerg is acting as an advocate for the energy transition and supporter of the unlimited potential of renewable energies. The energy transition is a technical undertaking, a health issue and of an undeniable salience for our democracies and freedom. It is about high time to invest more and more in these promising technologies, to finally get rid of the polluting fossil energies.

On this behalf, Eurosolar Lëtzebuerg is more active than ever with projects such as the Luxembourgish architectural integration guide for solar panels (www.archipv.lu), the promotion of combining agriculture and photovoltaics (www.agripv.lu) and being an umbrella association for the local energy cooperatives (www.biergerpv.lu).

On top of that, since November 2021, Eurosolar Luxembourg is running a bi-monthly podcast, available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, called dSonn am Stecker” (The sun in the plug) publishing interviews with actors and stakeholders in the field of renewable energies. Some video documentaries, always around the topic of renewables, can be watched on its YouTube channel.

You can find more information on www.eurosolar.lu.

Contact:           Paul ZENS (President) Tel.: +352 621 195 141 paul.zens@eurosolar.lu

Cédric SCHILTZ (Coordinator) Tel. +352 621 463 048 cedric.schiltz@eurosolar.lu