The EUROSOLAR Regenerative Earth Decade calls for an immediate Global Climate Armistice

The EUROSOLAR Regenerative Earth Decade calls for an immediate Global Climate Armistice, as first step to a universal climate peace agreement – not as an end in itself but to tackle the daunting tasks of converting local and global economies into climate positive, emission negative processes.

A permanent Climate Peace Accord is essential to mustering all resources to counteracting climate destabilization through the move away from fossil and nuclear energy resources and infrastructures – and to attempting the restoration of natural biosphere capacities of excess atmospheric and oceanic carbon removal.

CODE RED is short-hand for EUROSOLAR’s call for a Regenerative Earth Decade. It goes beyond Earth Day or Earth Hour to link the renewable energy revolution to other means of stabilizing the planetary climate as well as to mitigating the impacts of extreme climate events – this also includes the positive planning for future rising migration events in a growing regenerative economy and just society. RED suggests that military operations and war are not the answer to any global problems. Humankind has to unite in confronting its single Great Common Enemy and manifest existential threat: planetary climate destabilization and runaway global heating.

EUROSOLAR, the European Association for Renewable Energy, is calling for donations and membership enrolments ( for its campaign of the

EUROSOLAR’s Working Group is an open association of members of the organization’s management board, national section boards, the Board of Trustees, and the European Solar Prize jury. The Regenerative Decade was adopted as initiative in January 2020.