Regenerative Earth Decade: EUROSOLAR’s call for Climate Peace Diplomacy

While the Earth has begun to burn in a fossil-fuelled climate fire, the fuses on potentially uncontrollable resource wars have now to be stamped out at two geopolitical fronts: in Eastern Europe and the South China Sea. Both are fossil-fueled, and both also revolve around securing, among others, methane deposits, markets, and supply routes.

The deadly gas rises from warming northern European, Siberian, and Arctic soils and waters, exponentially increasing concentrations in the atmosphere, already 300% above a stable level. For methane, the historical stable level is 600 ppb – now just under 2000. The stable CO2 level is 280 ppm – now 420.

The ten points of EUROSOLAR’s Regenerative Decade – – are essential to mitigating and lowering these dangers.

As a central part of this the time for Climate Peace Diplomacy has come. It is essential to be able to focus on and confront the common threat to planetary security and habitability.

EUROSOLAR calls the countries of Europe, the United States, Russia, China and other nations to enter into a World Climate Peace Agreement and Summit, to avert both major threats: climate and war catastrophes.

EUROSOLAR e.V. and EUROSOLAR’s chapters (, as well as the World Council for Renewable Energy ( offer their networks and platform suppor to help initiate this process, with the goal of accelerating towards the Regenerative Era based on 100% renewable energy supply, and at the same time to avoid, contain and end acts of war that directly hinder climate stabilization.

About the Regenerative Earth Decade

The Regenerative Earth Decade RED is EUROSOLAR’s call for a comprehensive breakthrough in climate and energy policy at international level since January 2020. For the initiative and its scope please also see

The Program is based on two findings:

1 the destabilization of the earth’s climate is much more advanced than previously assumed: even the scientific community is shocked. The scale and kind forest fires, floods and ice melts that were expected to occur in 2100 is now taking place before our eyes.       

2 None of the current targets or measures are sufficient to change this fact. For example, greenhouse gas concentrations are far too high for climate neutrality to be of use: the concept only accelerates climate decay by holding on to fossil fuels longer than is acceptable.

The RED program insists that it is not too late, but that action now must be far more focused and comprehensive. It contains ten points, ranging from the establishment of climate defense budgets to changes in the financial world.

Given current war-like escalations, EUROSOLAR’s RED working group has dedicated itself to the second point, declaring a call for Climate Peace Diplomacy: the cessation of hostile actions is essential to focus on the common threat of fossil climate chaos and its consequences: global migration and deprivation waves.

Contact: The RED Working Group, President Prof. Peter Droege,