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European Solar Prize 2021/22 – Winner projects: Concrete pathways to a Regenerative Europe

26 November. Bonn/Amsterdam. EUROSOLAR, the European Association for Renewable Energy, and EUROSOLAR Netherlands will award the European Solar Prize 2021/22 on 2 December 2021 to individuals and institutions who have made outstanding contributions of Europe-wide significance in the transition to a decentralised renewable energy supply. An international jury of experts, drawn from disciplines across science and society, has selected the winners from a large pool of excellent nominations and submissions. The Prize is a flagship program in EUROSOLAR’s Regenerative Europe Decade.

“The World Climate Conference in Glasgow did not achieve its stated goals, and the inaction clearly showed that reliance on the political arena is not well placed. Civil society, however, continues to be a source of hope,” says Dr Carol Olson, co-chair of the new Dutch section of EUROSOLAR and Lector Renewable Energy at the Inholland University of Applied Science.  “The European Solar Prize, in recognizing the engagement of individuals, organizations, communities and companies in moving the energy transition forward, is more important now than ever.”

Concrete pathways to a Regenerative Europe

Prof. Peter Droege, Chairman of the Jury and President of EUROSOLAR e. V., stresses: “100% Renewable Energy – from the ground up – are the essential precondition to face the enormous challenge of stabilizing a global climate under duress from the onslaught of fossil and industrial agricultural emissions. The awarded projects are excellent examples to show how we can concretely move forward significantly into the direction of a Regenerative Europe.”

EUROSOLAR TV broadcasts award ceremony from Amsterdam

The winner projects will be presented during the award ceremony through interviews, presentations and films. Speakers are expected to include Bas Eickhout, Member of the European Parliament, and Amsterdam Alderwoman for Sustainability and Spatial Development, Marieke van Doornick. Prof. Peter Droege will moderate the event. The European Solar Prize is sponsored by the C&U Baumeister Foundation for Sustainable Technology.

EUROSOLAR TV, the video channel of EUROSOLAR, will broadcast the award ceremony on 3 December at 8:30 p.m. The link to the video will be available on the EUROSOLAR’s website:

The detailed programme is available online here.

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About the European Solar Prize

The European Solar Prize is a flagship program in EUROSOLAR’s Regenerative Europe Decade. It is based on a long tradition: The European Solar Prize has been awarded for 28 years by EUROSOLAR in cooperation with its national sections to municipalities, municipal companies, associations and organisations, architects, journalists and private individuals. With the award, these innovative role models and committed pioneers are brought to the attention of the public and new impulses are given for a regenerative and decentralised energy transition in Europe. The European Solar Prize is awarded independently from and in addition to the national solar prizes awarded by EUROSOLAR’s sections. The European Solar Prize is sponsored by the C&U Baumeister Foundation for Sustainable Technology.


EUROSOLAR, the European Association for Renewable Energy, is Europe’s leading independent and membership based non-profit organization for 100% Renewable Energy, pursuing it as the fundamental existential basis of a habitable planet. EUROSOLAR pushes for concrete political and economic action in the introduction of renewable energies. This ranges from market strategies to research and development policies, from tax policy subsidies to arms conversion with solar energy, from the contribution of solar energy to the Global South to agricultural, transport and construction policies. EUROSOLAR is the organizer of IRES, the leading scientific International Renewable Energy Storage and Systems Conference. Its global arm is the World Council for Renewable Energy. Website:

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