EUROSOLAR calls for action with ten-point paper – “The Regenerative Europe Decade”

2 November 2021. Bonn. On the occasion of the current UN Climate Change Conference COP26 and the failure of the G20 countries in climate protection so far, the European Delegates Assembly of EUROSOLAR – European Association for Renewable Energy e. V. addresses politicians and the public with an urgent appeal. The Delegates Assembly, the highest body of EUROSOLAR with the representatives of its 14 national sections, calls for a Regenerative Europe Decade in order to go beyond the European Green Deal and rapidly transform Europe into an emission-negative and climate-positive continent in view of the atmospheric CO2 concentration increasing far in excess of stable levels. EUROSOLAR outlines the measures needed to achieve this in its “Call for Action 2021” published today.

“When it comes to climate protection, the G20 countries continue to fail in their central mission – to safeguard the interests of their constituents and ensure their fundamental economic viability. The often demanded climate neutrality is not enough – and did not even get a mention in the practically empty communiqué of the recent G20 summit in Rome,” said Prof. Peter Droege, President of EUROSOLAR.  “Far more effective measures will be required than those which have been discussed by politicians so far.” Already in January last year, the Board of EUROSOLAR had declared the Regenerative Decade and in this context described ten measures that are mandatory to realize a rapid transformation towards a climate-positive economy and society.

“It is irresponsible to demand climate neutrality with the today’s CO2 concentration of nearly 420 parts per million. The goal can only be a climate positive footprint,” Droege explains. Thus – according to the first demand of the paper – the emission targets would have to be redefined, since the emission targets formulated so far by the policy are aligned only to climatic neutrality, but not to climatic positivity, which is absolutely necessary, in order to secure the basis of existence of our societies.  

In the ten-point paper, EUROSOLAR further calls for the mobilization of a climate defense budget to finance a phase-out of fossil fuels and a transformation to 100 % renewables within less than ten years, the implementation of a European and global climate migration management planning, as billions of people will seek new homes due to escalating global heating, and besides agricultural and soil management transformations demands the commitment of industry to carbon removal and material product binding processes.

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EUROSOLAR – European Association for Renewable Energy e. V. is a non-profit organization and independent of political parties, institutions, companies and interest groups. EUROSOLAR develops and stimulates political and economic action plans and concepts for the introduction of renewable energies. This ranges from market introduction strategies to proposals for further research and development policies, from tax policy subsidies to arms conversion with solar energy, from the contribution of solar energy to the Third World to agricultural, transport and construction policies. EUROSOLAR was founded in 1988 by Dr. Hermann Scheer, the head office is in Bonn, Germany. President of EUROSOLAR is Prof. Peter Droege.

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