Revolutionaries of the Energy Transition – Save the date

Bonn (Germany). The European Solar Prize 2021 will be awarded to the next revolutionaries of this regenerative decade. EUROSOLAR awards the European Solar Prize in the categories Municipalities, Solar architecture, Industry, Regional associations, Mobility, Media and Education, One-World-Association…  Persons or Institutions contributing themselves to the renewable and decentralised energy supply in innovative ways deserve a stage. And with this Award Ceremony they can show how progressive and dedicated their work is for the energy transition.

Professor Peter Droege, President of EUROSOLAR and Chairman of the Jury, declares:

“EUROSOLAR invites submissions and nominations to the next European Solar Prize across ten categories. The European Solar Prize Program takes on a special, urgent meaning this year, as national and European-wide climate policies are being tightened. The ESP demonstrates practically what a Renewable Europe looks and feels like: and how it already works: locally and regionally in a distributed manner.

The ESP offers a wonderful living Academy: sharing insight into how Europe and its states – and all nations world-wide can dramatically and rapidly surpass the standard goals and targets. This is needed to halt climate stabilisation.”

Since 1994, the European Solar Prize has been awarded in a different European capital each year. In previous years, the award ceremony took place in cities of national sections of EUROSOLAR like Vienna, Barcelona and Prague. EUROSOLAR is proud to announce that this year’s ceremony will take place in the country of EUROSOLAR’s newest section, in the Dutch capital Amsterdam.

The event will be held on December 2, 2021.

To present the projects and winners to a brighter audience the ceremony will also be broadcasted online.

EUROSOLAR is looking forward to awarding forward-looking projects from all over Europe! Applications and nominations can still be submitted until August 15, 2021!

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Note for press editors

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The European Solar Prize 2021 will be awarded in the following categories:

a) Towns/municipalities, council districts, public utilities

b) Solar architecture and sustainable design

c) Industrial and commercial companies or farmers

d) Local or regional associations and organizations

e) Owners or operators of renewable energy installations

f) Transport and mobility

g) Media

h) Education and vocational training

i) One world cooperation

j) Special achievement

The Wealth of the European Solar Prize

EUROSOLAR has celebrated successes in renewable energies with the European Solar Prize since 1994. People, projects and organizations documented in the European Solar Prize archives establish a rich pool of regenerative practice for all Europeans, from practitioners to policymakers. Hundreds of winners of Europe-wide significance have thus been recognized and documented, together with EUROSOLAR’s important national prize programs awarded by its sections from Germany to Spain, and Italy to Austria.


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