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President and Chairs of EUROSOLAR write Open Letter to Executive, Board and Shareholders of RWE AG

Bonn, 25.09.2018. We appeal to you to help build a survivable and liveable future and avert any further damage to our heritage and future. This is the time to divest of coal and cooperate on building a healthy future for Germany and Europe – as leading examples of world best practice. Our global climate is tipping – bold action is needed to end the emission of greenhouse gas and rebuild our capacity to reduce it. Two of our most precious resources are renewable energy and natural forests – healthy ecosystems and healthy energy resources that combine into elements of a sustainable future. We urge you to show your commitment to corporate responsibility by embarking on a path to enduring economic, social and environmental sustainability and get out of futureless investments.

Recognize with leading companies worldwide the opportunity of new energy systems and the value of the 12.000 year old forest of Hambach, part of our heritage. Only 10% remain of its earlier glory – most of it have fallen victim to brown coal strip mining already.

Rescuing this remnant can be the signal for a great turn-around to embracing a full renewable energy economy for state, country and continent – and a broad reforestation and soil restoration campaign to rebuild the capacity to absorb excess greenhouse gas from the atmosphere.

The President and Chairpersons of EUROSOLAR’s sections.

Professor Peter Droege
President, EUROSOLAR

List of Chairpersons:
Dr. Wolfgang Hein (Chair, EUROSOLAR Austria), Iliya Ivanov Hadzhidimov (Chair, EUROSOLAR Bulgaria), Milan Smrz (Chair, EUROSOLAR Czech Republic), Morten V. Petersen (Chair, EUROSOLAR Denmark), Andre Langkwost (Chair, EUROSOLAR France), Prof. Nodar Kekelidze (Chair, EUROSOLAR Georgia), Dr. Axel Berg (Chair, EUROSOLAR Germany), Judith Ronai (Chair, EUROSOLAR Hungary), Francesca Sartogo (Chair, EUROSOLAR Italy), Henry Kox (Chair, EUROSOLAR Luxemburg), Prof. Zhores I. Alferov (Chair, EUROSOLAR Russia), Dr Josep Puig (Chair, EUROSOLAR Spain), Stepan A. Kudrya (Chair, EUROSOLAR Ukraine), Prof. Dr Tanay Sidki Uyar (Chair EUROSOLAR Turkey)