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‘Urban Energy Transition 2 – Renewable Strategies for Cities and Regions’ by EUROSOLAR President Prof. Peter Droege

Bonn, 27.08.2018. Our cities contain the settings and solution for a central existential challenge of our time: climate shift. The development of a regenerative energy system holds the key for the continued prospering of our social and economic structures. Communities, cities and regions as central places of human activity play a decisive role in this. The second edition of the book ‘Urban Energy Transition’ is a progressive reading for citizens, companies, communities, from villages to megacities and metropolitan regions that are striving for a rapid change from fossil fuels and nuclear energy to renewable energies. On about 700 pages, technical, financial, systematic, urban planning, landscape planning and sociological questions are discussed and strategies for a successful energy turnaround in the city and the region are presented.

The international compendium with 33 chapters by more than 60 international authors contains solutions in the transformation of cities to an urban development framework based on renewable energies. The interdisciplinary handbook covers a wide range of topics that are crucial for the successful implementation of the energy transition. These range from effective, outcome oriented policies and practices in carbon emissions, urban thermal performance planning, energy efficiency services, planning methods and tools to support renewable communities and global trends in urban mobility, to the impact of smart energy networks and decentralized energy supply.

Author and editor of ‘Urban Energy Transition 2 – Renewable Strategies for Cities and Regions’ is EUROSOLAR President Prof. Peter Droege. The lecture is available immediately in stores and online. Further information can be found here.

Further publications by the author
Prof. Peter Droege has previously written and edited ‘Regenerative Regions’ (oekom 2017), ‘Climate City’ (Oro 2012), ‘100% Renewable’ (Routledge 2009), the 1st Edition of ‘Urban Energy Transition’ (Elsevier 2008), ‘The Renewable City’ (Wiley & Sons 2007), among many others.