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European Solar Prize 2018: Application deadline extended

Bonn, 24 May 2018. A successful energy transition requires civic, medium-sized and municipal actors who point the way through commitment and innovation to a renewable future. EUROSOLAR's European Solar Prize puts these pioneers in the public eye and illustrate the practicable, efficient and cost-effective use of renewable energies for society.Applications and proposals can be submitted quickly and easily online until Friday, 15 June 2018. All entries will be submitted to a qualified jury, which will decide on this year's prize winners. The call for entries is addressed to cities and municipalities, architects, municipal and private companies, associations, organisations and cooperatives, journalists and committed people who actively support the energy transition with their projects and initiatives.

Further information about the European Solar Prize and the application procedure are available on:

The Solar Prize is awarded in the following categories:

a) Towns/municipalities, council districts, public utilities
b) Solar architecture and urban planning
c) Industrial and commercial companies or farmers
d) Local or regional associations/organisations
e) Owners or operators of renewable energy installations
f) Transport and mobility
g) Media
h) Education and vocational training
i) One world cooperation
j) Special achievement prize for individual commitment

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of EUROSOLAR, this year’s prize winners will be honoured in EUROSOLAR’s home town Bonn. The award ceremony takes place on Saturday, 17 November 2018, at Kunstmuseum Bonn.

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About the European Solar Prize
The European Solar Prize was established in 1994 by EUROSOLAR in cooperation with its national sections. With the Solar Prize, EUROSOLAR recognizes outstanding and innovative projects and initiatives in the field of renewable energies from all parts of society. The prize already put over 200 pioneers and leaders in the focus of public awareness all over Europe. It gives fresh impetus to a renewable energy-based and decentralised energy turnaround.