EUROSOLAR applauds ICAN being awarded with Nobel Peace Prize

Resolution of the Board of EUROSOLAR Germany endorsed by the EUROSOLAR Executive Council Bonn, 9 October 2017 – EUROSOLAR e.V. welcomes the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to the anti-nuclear campaign ICAN and congratulates the organization for this honor. It focuses the attention on the madness of nuclear weapons. The struggle against nuclear weapons and the struggle against the nuclear economy and its nuclear power plants are two sides of the same coin.

In speaking about the ‘peaceful use of nuclear power’ the advocates of atomic energy have always wanted to create and maintain a nuclear economy which is also useful for military purposes.Thus a civil-military complex has developed fighting against the nuclear phase-out. For its lobbyists no argument is too absurd to be disseminated with great financial effort. For example, the nuclear lobby sees its chance to bring about a ‘renaissance’ of nuclear power by unilaterally focusing on climate protection and CO2 – as if the problems of nuclear waste, nuclear accidents and nuclear bombs did not exist.

For three decades EUROSOLAR has argued that nuclear bombs and nuclear power plants have to be considered together and be abolished together – for a more peaceful and renewable world, today more so than ever before.